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July 3rd, 2008

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Anneau des Belges Expatriés

Belgian Expatriates Webring

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Who are we ?

This Webring's goal is to link together the Belgian expatriates' sites.

The visitor of a Belgian expatriates' site (yours ?) will be able to easily access others, since all will be linked, and therefore discover other sites sharing this particularity.

This ring is absolutely free and adds-free.  It is intended for Family rated sites, thus without sex, racial hatred, ...

Thanks for informing the Ringmaster in case of abuse.

Our thoughts go to Ingrid Betancourt (free since yersteday, July 2nd 2008)
and all persons detained in Colombia :

Ingrid Bétancourt, enlevée le 23 février 2002, ici avec ses enfants

Tous nos voeux vont à Ingrid Bétancourt (libérée hier, 2 juillet 2008)
et à toutes les personnes détenues en Colombie

Courage !

Some links for all Belgian Expatriates :

UFBE : L'Union Francophone des Belges à l'Etranger

VIW : Vlamingen in de Wereld


More Belgian links : click here :-)

Website & Webring created in September 2000 by Pierre Gieling

Currently managed by Pierre Gieling  -  personal website : Chez Pierre