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Anneau des Belges Expatriés

Belgian Expatriates Webring

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Webring ?

It's a powerful navigation tool for the visitors.
Those who are interested in the subject of the Ring
(here, the Belgian expatriates' sites) do not have to perform long researches
on Yahoo! or Altavista : as soon as they have found one member's site,
they can "follow the guide" by clicking on "previous site", "next site" (...)
or obtain a list of all the members' sites on this subject.

What's the advantage for the Webmaster ?

1. A service to your visitors

2. A navigation tool

3. More visitors on your site ;o)

How many more visitors can I expect ?

After 1 year of existence and 30 member sites,
Belg'Expat' (this site) was getting an average of 25 visits per day.

Some of these visitors will certainly go visit your site !
And this number does not include the visitors going from site to site
through the logo's links, not passing by this site.

How do the links on the logo work ?

The visitor can click on :

1. The logo or the title : he comes on this site.

2. "Previous site" : he's brought to the previous Belgian expatriates' site in the list.

3. "Next site" : he goes to the next Belgian expatriates' site in the list.

4. "Random site" : one of the Belgian expatriates' sites appears.

5. "List sites" : he obtains the list of the Belgian expatriates' sites.

To put the logo on my page, may I just copy it from elsewhere ?

NO.  See the "logo" page for details.

How much do you pay me to put your logo on my page ?

We don't pay you.

You will not pay us (unless you make a donation).

They will not...  Etc.

The Webring's logo is ugly !  Do you have another one ?

Hey !  It took me at least 100 minutes to make it ;o)

If you have another one, we could propose the members different logos (they would just have to change the filename in their html code to change logo).

See here !

Website & Webring created in September 2000 by Pierre Gieling

Currently managed by Pierre Gieling  -  personal website : Chez Pierre