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Anneau des Belges Expatriés

Belgian Expatriates Webring

How do I join ?

Step 1

Read this entirely !  If you're not sure you understand what a Webring is, read the FAQ.

Step 2

Check that your site meets these criteria :

1. You (the Webmaster) are Belgian, living or having lived abroad.

2. Your site is family-rated (viewable by kids, parents...) :
it does not contain anything offensive (sex, racism, etc.)

Step 3

Fill in the join form (click here).
You'll receive a confirmation Email, containing also the html code
that you will have to place on the main page of your site (see details on the "logo" page).

Step 4

At this point, you are in the "waiting room" of the Ring.
To become member, you now have to place the html code you received by Email
on your main page, without modification (it has already been personalized for you).

Step 5

Email the "Ringmaster" to tell him you added the html code on your site
(with the page's url please).

Step 6

The Ringmaster will go visit your site as soon as possible and if all conditions are met,
he will add it to the Ring.  You will receive a new Email to confirm your admission.

Step 7

You're member !  Start counting the new visitors :o)

If you wish to participate more actively in our Webring,
you can donate (5 euros) to Belg'Expat'.
Donations are used to pay the Domain Name and hosting ;
accounting is sent to all members.

If you become a donor, the banner and bilingual description you will send
to the Webringmaster will be posted on the
"Donors - Gold Members" page (donations do not give any other right nor advantage).

If you wish to donate, please Email the Webringmaster
who will send you the Bank Account in Belgium informations. Thank you !

Website & Webring created in September 2000 by
Pierre Gieling

Currently managed by Pierre Gieling  -  personal website : Chez Pierre