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Anneau des Belges Expatriés

Belgian Expatriates Webring


Our logo :


This site is a selected member of

Anneau des Belges Expatriés   -   Belgian Expatriates Webring - Belgen in het buitenland Webring

Belgians Around The World and the Web

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Above is the logo that appears on each member's site

It should be on the main page of the site.

How do I install this logo ?

NB : if you are afraid to make a mistake, first make a security copy of the page you will modify ;o)

1. Follow the Webring sign-up instructions ("join" page)

2. When you will have received the Email with the html code, copy it
(select the text then use the "copy" command)

3. Open a simple text editor (Notepad, Wordpad...)

4. In this program, open the html file of your main page (for example "index.htm")

5. Spot the place where you want the logo to appear and place your cursor there

6. Paste the text (html code) there

7. Save the page and upload it to your server (Geocities, Lycos, Free...)

8. Connect to your page and admire the result !

Don't forget now to tell the Ringmaster so that he adds your site to the Ring !

May I copy the html code of another site ?

NO !

Each code is unique and personalized with an ID number.

Otherwise, the links would not work correctly !

May I change the html code I received ?


You can translate the text, integrate this code in a frame or a table,
add a background color or a border
and change the color of the text or the links.
See an example : "Chez Pierre"


You cannot copy the image of the logo to your server and remove the URL that links to it,
unless you got permission from the Ringmaster
(for example if your server cannot load the image from our server).
This will eventually allow us to change the logo when we'll have a nicer one.

Here you can find other logos.

Website & Webring created in September 2000 by
Pierre Gieling

Currently managed by Pierre Gieling  -  personal website : Chez Pierre